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General Pricing For All Locksmith & Key Making Services

If you find yourself locked out of your home, vehicle or place of business — we will be there! We’re available 24/7 for your convenience, when you’re inconvenienced. Our services don’t stop there: we can set up your home or business to prevent theft and break-ins and our key creation and duplication offerings are impressively broad. We cover all the bases from traditional or modern house keys, to older skeleton keys, and even have a locksmith who specializes in tubular keys for vending machines and tool boxes.
Car & Home Locksmith in Taylor, MI | A & B Locksmith
A & B Locksmith in Taylor, MI ensure the highest quality of service for your every need, and we do so at fair and competitive rates. Below you will find a listing of our general pricing for all of our locksmith and key making services. Please contact us with any questions about services you do not see here, we’d love to see if we can help!

*Please note there is a flat fee for service calls of $50, plus the additional work fees if required.

Standard lock residential: $25.00 and up
Standard deadbolt residential: $25.00 and up
High security lock: $85.00 and up
Rekey a lock $10.00 per lock
Master key a lock: $15.00 per lock
Service Pricing

*Please note there is a flat fee for service calls of $50, plus the additional work fees if required.

Lock out (automotive) $65.00
Lock out (residential) $75.00
Lost keys for vehicle (standard) $150.00 Flat fee
Lost keys for vehicle (laser cut) $200.00 Flat fee
Remotes: $50.00 and up programmed
Most range from $80.00-$125.00
Duplicate Keys
Single cut: $3.00
Double cut: $4.00
Double cut (rubber head) $4.00
Motorcycle: $5.00
Steel keys: $4.00
High Security: $5.00
Pre-cut keys: $5.00
Ace Keys (round) $5.00
Skeleton keys: $7.50
Regular Computer chip keys* $25.00 and up

*This will depend on the vehicle. All General Motor keys are $25.00, plus tax per key, because they are self programmable. If you have two working keys to aid in programing for all other makes and models (Chrysler, Ford, Mazda, Honda, etc.) the keys cost $25.00 plus tax per key. However, if you only have one working key, the price is $25.00 plus a $50.00 program fee as these keys are not self programmable and will cost $76.50 out the door.

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