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Locksmith & Theft Prevention Services

A & B Locksmith was established in 1974 in Taylor, MI by Elmer Hodge. It has remained in the family for the past 40 years and is currently owned and operated by Elmer’s son, John. We are licensed, bonded, and insured locksmiths that offer honest and quality service locally in Taylor and to the Metro Detroit area. We provide locksmith services for residential, commercial and vehicle. If you’re unsure if we can help, just give us a call at 313-563-3800!

We have a squad of three commercial vans in the area and use the most up-to-date equipment in the industry, to ensure your inconvenience lasts as short a time as possible! We strive to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with all of our services.

Car & Home Locksmith in Taylor, MI | A & B Locksmith

We are proud to provide services including:

All of our services can be made mobile, if you’re stuck — we’ll come to you! Our services do not start and stop with popping locks and making keys. See for yourself:

Automotive Locksmith Services - A & B Locksmiths - Taylor, MI

Getting locked out of your car or truck is never fun. We have the right skills and crew to get you moving again, quickly! We assist with:


– When your keys are in the car or they are lost. 

Rekeying Ignitions

– When the ignition is replaced and you require or desire new keys.

Duplicating and Creating Keys

– We are equipped to duplicate and create any kind of key: single or double cut, motorcycle, round (Ace) keys, and computer chip keys and fobs.

Commercial Locksmith Services - A & B Locksmiths - Taylor, MI

We are here for you when you’re locked out, and we’re here to help prevent other unfortunate things from happening too. We deeply understand the need to protect your business and the brick and mortar it resides on. 

We provide locksmith services and protection from both theft and defacing:

Electronic Locks

– Installation of the most up-to-date systems and locks on the market.

Panic Bars

– Locked firmly from the outside, but enable emergency exit from inside if/when necessary.

High Security Locks

– There are many options whether you wish for a keypad, multiple bolted locks or a custom combination. 

Master Key System

– Reduce how many keys your employees have to carry while also ensuring their access to only the places they are allowed. 


– Waterproof, fireproof, air sealed safes are the best way to protect your most valuable goods.

Duplicate Keys

– We’ll make you backups of your keys so you can avoid calling us again!

Residential Locksmith Services - A & B Locksmiths - Taylor, MI

We have the expertise and equipment to help if you’ve locked yourself out of your home. 

We also offer protection for your home and family from burglary and vandalism.


– For those “whoops!” moments. The front door just shut behind you, but the keys were inside. We’ll be there. 

Lock Installation

– For any reason you need to replace your locks, and for any style and generation home, we are fully equipped to do so. From sliding glass doors to master key systems, we have all the locks you need.

Post Theft Lock Repair

– We are happy to come help clean up after an awful incident such as theft. We will then repair or replace your door and install new locks and any further protection matters you desire. We have options we’re happy to talk to you about.

Rekey Existing Locks

– We will change the lock cylinder to avoid installing entirely new locks on every door and we’ll make you keys that match.


– Add extra security to your mailbox with a lock and key!

Electronic Keying Services - A & B Locksmith - Taylor, MIIn our increasingly modern society, car keys are changing. Newer model cars have electronic computer chip keys with transponder requirements. In other words, your keys have become a mini-computer in your pocket. While repairing and replacing these keys is not as simple as the traditional metal ones, we are fully equipped and capable to do so — and we are definitely less expensive than the dealership. Call us first!

Fix Or Reprogram Vehicle Remotes

– Whether you dropped your remote in water and it died or your remote starter is just not connecting with your car, we can fix it.

Create & Program Computer Chip Keys

– If you’d like to have a backup fob or computer chip key, we can duplicate and program one for you just like a dealership would, at half the cost.

The Name Brand Products & Brands We Trust And Service

If you’re locked out or need more information about our prevention and protection services, Contact us at 313-563-3800 today! We’re available 24/7  for all locksmith services.